BaxaTech at I/ITSEC 2011

BaxaTech is highlighted in a research paper at the I/ITSEC conference in Orlando, Florida on Decembert 1, 2011. The paper is titled: “Reflective Redo from the Point of Failure in Virtual Environments.” The research outlines a study that investigated the metacognitive and reflective behaviors of learners as they participated in a 3D simulation exercise. The technology component of the study utilized the Replay / Regen feature of virtual environments for training.

The study’s findings included that participants were able to learn from the virtual exercise, assisted by a teacher/facilitator, through traditional after action review (AAR) procedures. The majority of students used familiar learning strategies when organizing their thoughts and actions within the 3D world, like chuncking, visualization, and repetition. It helped narrow the window in which students needed to focus on certain decisions within the environment, thereby making it easier to learn from discrete events within the complex world. Having the oppotunity to reflect, and redo their activities in piecemeal fashion allowed them to string together multiple corrections at a single sitting, observing and “making real” the new outcome(s) of their actions.

Effectively, the Replay / Regen asset feature makes it easier for students to learn in complex, open-ended environments that more closely mirror the real world.