BaxaTech Tools  1.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AccuracyAssessorIAssessor component that defines the default assessment performed for the Accuracy category
AccuracyAssessorEditorCustom editor class for the AccuracyAssessor component
ArchiveSimple archive file format. The archive format is as follows
ArchiveSectionClass representing a single section (file) within a Shell.Archive archive file
AssessmentRecordBase class defining a collection of data gathered during an assessment-related event
AssessmentSystemTop-level component used by the assessment system
AssessmentSystemEditorCustom editor class for the AssessmentSystem component
CompletionAssessorIAssessor component that defines the default assessment performed for the Completion category. Assessment is only performed once, and is awarded the greatest possible points
CompletionAssessorEditorCustom editor class for the CompletionAssessor component
DuplicateInstanceExceptionException class thrown when the user attempts to create multiple concrete ManagerComponent instances at runtime
ElapsedTimeAssessorIAssessor component uses the elapsed time since a given timestamp
ElapsedTimeAssessorEditorCustom editor class for the TimeAssessor component
FrameBufferDefault buffer class used to read/write frames of data determined by the state of a set of Review-derived components. Default format for a saved frame is defined by:
FrameBuffer.FrameHeaderHeader stored for each frame in the data recorded by the policy. See class notes for DefaultReviewPolicy for more information about the data format
GroupManagerTop-level singleton component class used to govern the review system at runtime
GroupManagerEditorCustom inspector for the GroupManager component
IAssessmentRecordEditorAbstract class used to define how a custom PointRangeRecord type is displayed in the editor
IAssessorAbstract base component used to associate a game object with the assessment system
IAssessorEditorSet of utility methods used to display common assessor-related gui items
IFrameBufferDefines the interface used by the buffers in the ReviewSystem that are responsible for storing and restoring the recorded data
IManagerComponent< T >Generic singleton-like monobehavior class
IMonitorAbstract MonoBehavior class used to attach monitor capabilities to a game object
MonitorDefault monitor component, allows saving of many simple types of data collected from the public data members and properties of sibling components. Currently supported data types are:
MonitorEditorCustom editor class for the Monitor component
MonitorGroupGoverns how the state of a group of IMonitor components are managed within a scene
MonitorListSimple typedef-like class for a System.Collections.Generic.List<IMonitor>
PointRangeAssessorAbstract assessor component that assigns a point value upon assessment that falls within a pre-specified range of values
PointRangeRecordAssessmentRecord class commonly used by PointRangeAssessor-derived classes. Stores: 1 - The range of possible points that was assignable during the event that generated the record, and 2 - The actual number of points assigned
PointRangeRecordEditorClass that defines how instances of PointRangeRecord should be displayed in the inspector for class AssessmentSystem
PrerequisiteAssessorBase assessor class for assessors that depend on analyzing a set of prerequisite events
SectionMapConvenience aliasing of the collection used to store data sections
TimeSinceEventAssessorPointRangeAssessor component that uses the elapsed time since another assessment event occured
TimeSinceEventAssessorEditorCustom editor class for the TimeAssessor component
UtilityDefines a collection of static utility methods used to perform draw calls of composite controls commonly-used in custom editor classes