GeePerS*Math is a Steppingstones of Technology Innovation Grant funded through the Department of Education. The purpose of this project is to develop an innovative technology product that optimizes deaf/hard of hearing children’s mathematics learning, based on the recommendations of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards documents and research on best practices in mathematics education for deaf/hard of hearing children. During this project, we will build five location-based GPS math games that will run on smart devices like an iPhone or Android. GeoBob will be used as the development platform to create the five games.

We are working with the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind (USDB). Teachers at USDB will help us identify the content and help with the design of game. We also will be including the help of a parent consultant in efforts to involve those who know and understand the needs of the deaf community. Project GeePerS*MATH will build on and contribute to the current knowledge of how to promote deaf/hard of hearing children’s mathematical skills by a) actively involving students in the application of mathematics through authentic situations, thereby preparing them for the real world, b) involving students with “minds-on” and “hands-on” activities, c) responding to students’ developmental levels and interests, d) using mathematical concepts in a purposeful manner, e) incorporating thought provoking problem solving activities, f) emphasizing creative thinking, g) integrating mathematics with other topics, h) using pictorial forms to aid comprehension and interest, i) increasing cooperative learning and discussion, and j) using games.

The GeePerS Android game apps will be available soon!

The GeePerS Apple game apps (iPhone/iPad) will be available soon, offered through the Apple Store.