HEAT Assets

The advantage of a computer-driven simulation for training (as opposed to role-playing simulations or exercises using real-world objects) is that they can introduce environmental variables that could not be introduced through simple role play (like the pseudo-real-time progression of automated events, visual cues, real-time movement, etc.), while not requiring expensive environments. Three dimensional simulations offer many advantages when training that include multiple practice opportunities, asynchronous interactions between educators and students, the removal of possible safety risks, and the opportunities for reifying phenomena that otherwise would not be possible.

The objective of offering the Unity 3 assets is to offer new software that extends the functionality (based on the HEAT 3D engine) to easily and efficiently add and modify content for interactive communication training scenarios. The  replay/regen asset employs unique features of the HEAT engine that enable replay and regen at the point-of-failure rather than after action review. In addition, the assessment asset offers real-time automated assessment features to monitor events within the open-ended environment.

The Automated Assessment asset is available through the Purchase page.

The Replay / Regen asset is available through the Purchase page.

More assets to arrive soon!

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Try the documentation for the Replay / Regen asset for details about the asset code.